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Our team at Inner Balance strives to ensure getting help is simple, convenient and affordable.  Our well-rounded philosophy of health and wellness ensures honest and accurate recommendations that support your goals.

Advanced technology, on-going education, and being at the forefront of the latest techniques is how we provide quality service that changes the lives of our patients. Teamwork and peak attitude are infused in all we do.

Natural solutions to target any problem

We will address your symptoms with the ultimate goal being to target the cause of the problem. Which leads to faster results, lasting change and happier patients.

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Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care is a natural approach to health. It is considered conservative and often preventative care for patients.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy1

Massage Therapy is the assessment of the soft tissues and joints of the body, the treatment or prevention of physical dysfunction and pain...

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On Site Digital X-Ray

X Ray

Inner Balance is one of the few offices in London, ON offering on-site digital x-ray.

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Chiropractic for kids


The truth is, the philosphy of chiropractic is an all natural approach to healing the body. Dr. Schirru can examine and monitor the growth of your child’s body..

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Our team works alongside many other health professionals whom we trust and respect.  We are proud of our partnerships with some of the best of the best here in London.

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Sports, Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries

work accidents

Soft-tissue injuries may take months to fully heal, but a chiropractor can often provide pain relief much quicker than that. 

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Community Talks

community talk

By providing talks to community groups, businesses, sports teams and other organizations within the London and surrounding we are able to educate people about what we do...


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We are always updating our services and techniques so if you don't see something you're looking for please call and ask one of our patient care advisors.

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Autumn Dittrich-Griffith

Life changing for my minor brain injury issues. When I first walked into Dr. Schirru’s chiropractic office last week I had taken a fall the night prior in the shower and hit my head once again. I have been suffering for 6 months with post major concussion symptoms also referred to as a minor brain injury. 24 Hour pain and pressure behind my left ear, Vertigo, memory intake issues, limited sleep, my mind always feeling foggy, severe Tinnitus and tracking issues in my left eye. I had reached a point where I was taking large amounts of nerve blockers for the pain, sleeping 3-4 hours a day due to pain exhaustion and wearing a 10lbs weight vest so I could actually walk in a straight line. I walked into Inner Balance believing I would have an adjustment completed on my neck from the pain I had endured from the prior nights shower fall. My appointment went differently then I could have ever imagined. Dr. Schirru took the time to Listen not just regarding my shower fall aches but to everything I had experienced in the last 6 months. Dr. Schirru examined my x-rays his office had completed and well…. the results of Dr Schirru’s adjustments have left me knowing things are truly going to be ok. Within my first 2 adjustments 100% of the pain and pressure behind my left ear was gone; I am already off 100% off the nerve block medicine. My vertigo 100% gone; balance is back. I have stopped wearing my 10lbs weight vest. My thought process is starting to feel crisp again. My memory intake is improving. My severe Tinnitus is not that “ severe” anymore. I’m not sleeping 3-4 hours a day due to pain exhaustion. I feel that Dr. Schirru gave me my life back in only the first few visits. I will continue on with the 5 stages of care. I share this hoping it reaches just 1 person with a minor brain injury to know there’s a solution.

Jared Gilbert

I've been going to inner balance for my whole life and I believe it has given me alot of energy and I've not had health problems.

Brenda Dottermann

Dr Schirru is really personable, the front counter staff are friendly and Dani the RMT has the best hands! Professional environment and people all around.

Max Valkenier

Since I started visiting Inner Balance Chiropractic 2 years ago I have had great positive effects on my body. I have sciatic nerve issues that is slowing me down and have an appointment with a specialist in 2014. In the mean time I get adjustments to alleviate the pain for as long as I can. I truly look forward to my visits, the staff in the office are warm and friendly professionals, and Dr. Schruu is definitely the professional that he claims to be. Thank you for keeping me healthy.

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